Alternative Credit Scores

NAR (National Association of REALTORS®) sent a letter to Congress last week supporting Ed Royce’s bill, the Credit Score Competition Act of 2015. Finally, Congress and the industry are starting to realize there are a lot of people who buy items with cash. They save and spend in a more conservative way and therefore don’t […]... Read More

Life With Father

This 1947 movie starring William Powell and Irene Dunne was always a favorite of mine. Based on a true story, the protagonist Clarence Day, reminds me of my own father. A man who worked hard for his family and thought the world of his wife and children. If you haven’t seen this delightful comedy or […]... Read More
Credit Cards

How Do You Create a FICO Score Without Going Into Debt?

How many times have I had clients, both buyers and sellers, ask me the question:“How Do You Create a FICO Score without Going into Debt?” These clients have a valid point. They are financially responsible. They save money, pay cash for things, don’t over extend themselves and pay their bills on time. Bills like water, […]... Read More
Metrocenter-Rezoning 636008282639504351-MetroSitePlan051116

Metro Center Re-Zoning

#Metrocenter June 6, 2016: The City of Phoenix City Council voted for the new rezoning plan at Metro Center. It will be a 130 acre complex with 10 acres dedicated for the new WalMart. The light rail stop at Metro Center is scheduled to be completed in 2023. Read Here for more details. This is […]... Read More