Another TRID Form From CFPB You May Be Unaware Of…

Early last week the CFPB announced TRID will implement October 3rd, 2015. There is still legislation winding its way through Congress that could impact the date, but for right now we all assume the October 3rd date. While the buyer centric Loan Estimate and Closing Disclosure forms are getting a lot of attention, there is […]... Read More

Wall Street Securitization May Provide New Loan Sources for R.E. Investors

September 2014 saw the advent of a new Wall Street securitization; the multi-borrower single family rental investment. First Key Lending and B2R Finance were the first two companies to offer these new investment pools. Right now the investment consists of loans made to different investors on their rental properties. For example B2R’s first offering consisted […]... Read More

Dodd/Frank is 5 Years Old This Week

Dodd/Frank is five years old. Increasingly legislators, businesses and individuals are finding themselves limited in their business, banking and financial choices. On top of that it is costing us a fortune. Here is a quick video from the House Financial Services Committee. Congressman Jeb Hensarling wrote an article for the Wall Street Journal summarizing some […]... Read More