If you want a high-impact, content rich and high energy speaker… Give Liz Recchia a call! For over 20 years Liz has advocated for, promoted and protected personal property rights.

Here is a video Liz did for the Arizona Association of REALTORS® explaining how a bill becomes a law in Arizona. This video was distributed through various channels to the approximate 40,000 real estate licensee’s in Arizona.

Liz has led grass roots organizations, trained new licensees, helped distressed homeowners manage the system they find themselves in, and practiced both commercial and residential real estate as an agent, broker and investor. She has been active at the state and local level in both Arizona and California influencing City Councils, School Boards and State Legislatures towards policies, laws and ordinances that respect and encourage individual property ownership and small business creation.

Sample Topics:

Real Estate Trends
Not just stats, what specific government and economic factors are influencing buyers and sellers? How do these trends affect the overall market place? City Government, employers, investors, tenants as well as home buyers and sellers will find this information interesting and helpful.

HELP! The CFPB is Changing Things…AGAIN!
The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (created by Dodd/Frank) is changing the way residential real estate transactions will close escrow. New timelines, new “triggers”, new forms and new roles for the lender, title, escrow and the real estate agent. Learn how these dramatic changes will affect buyers and sellers of real estate starting Fall 2015.

HELP! I Can’t Make My House Payment!
Short Sales, Loan Mods and REO’s are part of our market and will be for years to come. Frequently families in distress find themselves alone and frustrated with no one to help them. Liz brings her experience of helping distressed homeowners navigate and manage their way through the system. Distressed homeowners can keep control of the decisions most important to them and their family’s long term financial stability. Based on her book HELP! I Can’t Make My House Payment!

Surprise! You are in the Real Estate Business!
Whether you own 1 small rental property or hundreds, you are in the real estate business. Learn the keys to managing your tenants, managing your cash flow and finding your real estate business niche. Don’t “fall” into business, plan your business.

How Government actions affect your property ownership
The Government is here to help you, or is it? Frequently rules and laws designed to help, hinder property owners with “unforeseen consequences”. Learn the most common current rules, regulations and laws that affect you purchase, ownership and management of real property.