Broker Price Opinions (BPO), how do you learn to do them?

In the webinar I did last week for AAR, Make it Rain, I was asked how I learned BPO’s. I mentioned joining NABPOP, the National Association of BPO Professionals ( Unfortunately, I couldn’t remember the full abbreviation or website so here it is now with my apologies. I learned industry standards, how to do BPO’s, […]... Read More

BPO’s, APPRAISALS AND CMA’s – What are they and when are they used?

If you are a buyer or seller you will hear your lender and real estate agent discuss the need for an appraisal (lender), CMA (real estate agent) or a BPO (real estate agent or lender).The question most buyers and sellers have is “What are these and why are they used?” Let’s begin with the fact […]... Read More